Big Chic in Carrollton

American Restaurant
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Cuisine: American, Fast Food

Features: Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible

Good for: Families with children




What People Are Saying

  1. Cheri Graham says:

    On Saturday August 4th around 6pm or so my husband stopped at the Bigchic location in Villa Rica on the way home from a church event where he had worked from 12-5. He placed a 50 dollar order for our family. The order wasn’t touched till he got to our home which is in Lithia Springs. My husband and our family were eating the thighs which were good but when his son tried to bite into one of the legs he stated that it was hard and tough. So My husband tried one and that one was the same way. Being that he lives in Lithia Springs and that he is a veteran with diabetic issues, he was too tired to drive back to Villa Rica to return the uneaten legs and hard rolls that were in the order and besides the store would have been closed by the time that drive could have been made. So he just decided to call the Villa Rica store today (Monday August 6th). When he called the store and told the lady that answered the phone the situation he found out that he was talking to the person that made his order. She stated to him that he should have brought the order back instead of waiting till Monday to say something. He told her that he lived in Lithia Springs and that he just was too tired to drive back due to the fact he is a disabled Veteran with diabetes. She told him that her and her husband ran the business and that she personally cooked the chicken herself and in her eyes it was made right. She stated that her Grandfather owed the buissnes in Carrollton in which my husband has been to as well. Only he has never complained once about the quality of food nor the customer service. He stated that to the lady that runs the Villa Rica restaurant as well and her reply was that the conversation wasn’t getting nowhere there’s nothing she could do and have a nice day and then just hangs up the phone.
    Total disrespectful not only because he’s a veteran but because he was a frequent costumer of the Bigchic restaurants. He didn’t want the whole order to be replaced nor a full refund. If she had of offered to replace what had been messed up it would have been fine. At the point of the hang up on her part, why is it wrong for him to want his money back? It isn’t. I don’t know who the lady is that runs this location but she is not customer service friendly, nor does she care for any customers that spend, like my husband,$50 which was a waste for our family!

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